What is Mastic? (By Dr. Sharifi)

Mastic gum is a viscous light-green liquid obtained from the bark of Pistacia lentiscus Var. chia, which belongs to the Anacardiaceae family.  Historically, trunk exudates of Pistacia lentiscus (mastic gum) have been used for the treatment of stomach ulcers. Archaeologists in 1982 found a late Bronze Age shipwreck with 100 jars filled with mastic that had been used by the Egyptians for medicinal purposes. The ancient Greek physicians Galenus in “Simpliciun medicamemtorum temperamentis ac faculatibus libri XI” and Dioscorides in “De Materia Medica” have described the properties and usage of mastic oil. The Persian pharmacist, physician and philosopher Avicenna (980-1037) prescribed mastic gum for abdominal pain, heartburn and topological infections. The Arab physician Ibn Al-Baytar, living in the 13th century, prescribed mastic gum for upper abdominal pain, heartburn, gastric and intestinal ulcers.  The genus Pistacia from the Anacardiaceae family consists of eleven species of trees found in some Mediterranean countries and in Southern and Central America. Substantial work has been done on characterising the chemical composition of Pistacia lentiscus and some other species which are widely distributed in the Mediterranean and the Zagros Mountains, particularly in Western and Northern Iran, and Eastern and Northern Iraq.


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Hi, I’ve been chewing mastic gum tears for years I just get it from eBay usually from Greece. I like products in there natural state. I’ve just bought the package deal to try very excited. Just had a question though. Some of your products use the word extract. I’ve recently learnt the word extract implies it’s gone threw a chemical extraction. Just wondering if any of the mastic gum products have been obtained that way or extracted that way or after extraction to preserve it ie during shipping. Cheers
Can’t wait to try this product so hard to find good gum in Australia.


Love the idea of this product.
Hoping you’ll be able to re stock soon.
I’m planning on buying some to add in to Xmas presents 😊
Best, Robyn


Very resourceful information!! Easy to read and very well researched. References to academic studies are credible and well sourced.

angela orlick

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