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Dr. Sharif Sharifi

The genus of trees Morus, commonly known as the mulberry, are native to temperate and subtropical parts of Asia, Africa, and the Americas

The trees are grown for their leaves, with mulberry leaves being the sole food of the silkworm. However, the trees are also known for their elongated purple, red, or white clusters of fruit.

Mulberry fruit is extremely nutritious. They're high in iron, fibre, and vitamin C, and are a rich source of antioxidants (Anthocyanins, Cyanidin, Chlorogenic acid, Rutin and Myricetin). Traditional Chinese medicine uses mulberries to treat a conditions including heart disease, diabetes and anemia. Contemporary science supports this traditional use, identifying several plant compounds found in the mulberry that have been linked to lower cholesterol and blood sugar.

Although mulberry trees typically fruit prolifically, in the warm Australian climate they ripen quickly and have a short season.

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