Organic Chewing Gum

Mast Chew Original&Mint Sleeve

Australian Food and Pharmaceutical Industries

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Mast Chew Original&Mint Sleeve
Mast Chew Original&Mint Sleeve
Mast Chew Original&Mint Sleeve

Chewing gum revolution - first time for your gut. Founded in science & growing with your health experience. Impossible for chewing gum? Please read below:

  • Australia's first digestible, organic chewing gum;
  • Created by our team of scientists Mast Chew is 100% Australian made and owned;
  • 100% natural and organic ingredients;
  • No petrochemicals or latex;
  • No artificial sweeteners or colors;
  • Gum base used for gut health maintenance and stomach related illnesses;
  • Like Mastic, Mint has a long illustrious history of use in traditional medicine. Mint naturally cleanses and freshens the mouth, while the combination of both, Mastic and Mint Oil, acts to soothe the stomach;
  • Natural Oil from the Mastic gum base pairs perfectly with Essential Mint Oil. This power-couple carries the benefits of both essential oils.

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