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Mast Chew ZERO Blister pack (16 pcs)

Australian Food and Pharmaceutical Industries

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Mast Chew ZERO Blister pack (16 pcs)
Mast Chew ZERO Blister pack (16 pcs)
Mast Chew ZERO Blister pack (16 pcs)

Mast Chew ZERO is our purest form of organic chewing gum. It contains only 3 ingredients; Pistacia resin (mastic), bees wax and essential mint oil. It contains zero energy, zero sweeteners and zero sugar.

Mast Chew ZERO is not sweet. It is refreshingly minty with the subtle warmth of mastic. Perfect to freshen your breathe and soothe stomach upsets. It can also be consumed while fasting.

The organic gum base is extracted from various tree species of the Pistacia genus which have been extensively studied and shown to exhibit anti-microbial activity. It has been used throughout the Mediterranean and Middle East for thousands of years to maintain gut happiness. Research study results show that mastic gum helps to relieve the symptoms of stomach ulcers, abdominal pain, IBS, Crohn’s disease, painful indigestion and heartburn. It’s a powerful anti-inflammatory, which also helps to reduce bloating and infectious inflammation in the gut among other health benefits.

We make no therapeutic claims about the products we sell. If your symptoms persist seek medical advice.

A list of scientific papers can be found on our website.

List of ingredients: Organic (Plant Based) Gum Base, Beeswax, Essential Mint Oil.


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