Chewing gum you can swallow?

Chewing gum you can swallow?

We all know those little black discs of spent chewing gum covering our streets make our cities and towns look grubby. And it’s even worse when someone else’s freshly spat out ball of bright green or pink chewy gets stuck to our shoes, clothes or bags!

But what should we do? Follow Singapore who in 1992 banned the sale or import of chewing gum? Australian Food and Pharmaceuticals have a different solution – one where you get to keep enjoying your minty fresh chewing gum habit. Our Mast Chew chewing gum is biodegradable and is safe to swallow.

Chewing gum is the second most littered thing in the world, after cigarette butts. Most chewing gums are made from synthetic plastics which do not biodegrade. Meaning that when you hoick your used chewy onto the footpath, it will stay there forever …or at least until the council sends someone to clear it up. Even then, the chewing gum will take 500 years to completely decompose.

Mast Chew, by contrast, only contains 4 natural, healthy, and tasty ingredients: pistacia tree resin, beeswax, essential mint oil, and xylitol (a natural sweetener found in plant material). This means you can safely SWALLOW your Mast Chew when you’re done chewing it (and it has loads of benefits for your gut if you do!). Or, if you’re not quite up to swallowing your Mast Chew (we get it, it can be really hard to do after years of being told to never swallow chewing gum), when you spit it out, it will completely break down and return to the earth. 

So whether you chew gum to freshen your breath, improve your concentration, to beat a bad habit, or just to look plain cool – Mast Chew is a gum you can be proud to get your mouth around.

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