Organic Chewing Gum

Mast Chew was created by Dr. Sharifi as a healthy alternative chewing gum that is delicious and made from 100% natural ingredients. Think minty fresh with the unique warmth of mastic. Our gum base is an ancient gum (Pistacia resin) with antimicrobial activity. No synthetics (petroleum). No latex (chicle). No sugar. No colours. No artificial sweeteners or additives. 

The gum base is extracted from trees of the Pistacia genus. Historically, trunk exudates of Pistacia lentiscus (mastic gum) and other species, particularly atlantica, have been used for maintaining gut health and treating stomach related illnesses.

In fact, Archaeologists in 1982 found a late Bronze Age shipwreck with 100 jars of mastic that had been used by the Egyptians for medicinal purposes.

Our combination of xylitol, mint and antimicrobial gum base cleanses the mouth and soothes the stomach. Check out our website for a list of scientific papers all about the healing powers of our gum base.

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