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AFPI is dedicated to producing innovative foods made from 100% natural ingredients. Our ethos is to ensure everything we produce serves a healthy purpose.

AFPI is well known for Mast Chew; a plant based, organic and sugar-free chewing gum. Our gum base is neither synthetic (petroleum) nor latex (chicle), rather it is extracted from Pistacia trees. Our gum base is then sweetened with xylitol and naturally flavoured with essential mint oil.

Our founder and CEO, Dr. Sharif Sharifi is known for his contribution to medical microbiology and the food/pharmaceutical industry in Kurdistan, Iran. He has applied his knowledge and experience to create a unique range of products that reflects the intrinsic relationship between food and science. Our current range of health foods and nutraceuticals reflects our dedication to innovation in health. 


Mast Chew

Mast Chew ZERO 

Pure Mastic capsules 

Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) capsules 

Black Cumin Seed Oil (available in August)

Mastic Essential Oil 

Red Mullberry Fruit Extract capsules 

Mast Chew PLUS (coming soon)

We provide to wholesale agents as well directly to retailers. Contact our sales department for orders or any inquiries. 


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