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Mast Chew Blister Pack 16 pcs x 6

Mast Chew Blister Pack 16 pcs x 6

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Mast Chew is a deliciously healthy and organic chewing gum made in Australia. The organic gum base is known as mastic. You won't find any synthetics (petroleum), latex (chicle) or sugar. In fact, you won't find anything artificial.

Organic mastic chewing gum, renowned for its biodegradable qualities, combined with the refreshing essence of mint essential oil, offers a unique and environmentally-conscious choice. This fusion blends the natural, earthy flavour of mastic gum with the cool, invigorating aroma of mint essential oil, providing a sensory experience that is both stimulating and soothing. The organic mastic chewing gum is particularly appreciated for its eco-friendly aspect, as it decomposes naturally, minimizing environmental impact.


We make no therapeutic claims about the products we sell. If your symptoms persist seek medical advice.

A list of scientific papers can be found on our website.


List of ingredients: Organic (Plant Based) Gum Base, Beeswax, Xylitol, Maltitol, Essential Mint Oil, Glazing Agent (Acacia Gum)


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